When you think about „Life“ – it sounds really huge…only four letters, but there are 7.28 billion people living all over the world. Unbelievable right?

They do have a mother and father, sister and brother, uncle and aunt, grandma and grandfather – they have their own storyline and their own paths. Everyone does. We may walk the path with our loved ones, but never will fit the shoes, that you need to have on to walk through this path, one of your friends or family-members.

In this case, I just want to show you, why I think, that life is wonderful. I do not want to sound cheesy, but also I had my bad moments in the life, where I was really sad and desperate for any kind of help, love and fun. But I also do think, that these times make you feel stronger and your self-confidence will boost up.

I am 21 one now, I can now say, I am feeling so good in my own skin.

When I would meet today my 14-year-old-me, I would tell her, stay as cute and nice as you are, be honest, even when the whole world is mean and lying, stay true to yourself. Believe in true love, wait for the one…study something, that makes you feel happy, proud and needed.

Life is transitory, like a flower that now blooms but then will be dead. Therefore we should live our life to the fullest, enjoy our precious time with our family and friends. Go for a walk in the nature, go to places we never have been before, drink and have fun at parties, go on a date, kiss and enjoy all the beautiful sides of life…but make sure, you never forget your downs, that made you the person you are now.

We should never forget, that there are people, families out there, that do not have the luxury, that we have. We should share, because sharing is caring!

What mattes in LIFE are the memories we had, we shared and we lived to the fullest…because these are the only „things“ we take with us, when we leave this precious place, called earth. 

I wish you all the best, much love and a lot of unforgettable memories.



This is my first blog-post ever and I am really excited to write about a wonderful happening these days.

All the 50 states of the United States of America recognized the gay-marriage. I am happy to live in this century and this community filled over and over with wonderful, different people that shows the diversity of our world! I am happy and proud for the generations to come. I really needed to write this post, because it made me really angry to read all the misunderstood and intolerance against this statement, that America has done. I really do not understand why people can react like that?

I am really happy, that America has shown, that there should be done some steps as a 21th century should do. This is wonderful and a huge achievement for our humanity! I am kinda thinking, that our humanity is falling apart, there is so much hate, disrespect, violence and intolerance. Why? Why do I keep asking myself? I really do not get it.
Why don’t we look back in the times, we were children and played with each other…of course, we got into fights, but after all, we played again and probably became friends for life.

I really need to say, that this step of accepting equal marriage, is wonderful for the generations to come.
We still do not have same rights for women or girls, in general. I am really sad and angry about it. Since when did the humanity started to divide in good or bad, appropriate or inappropriate, gay or straight? Since when? Didn’t we learn of all the history, that we learned in school? I kinda loose my belief in our humanity, but I will fight for my rights and for a world, that is a better place for my future-kids. I honestly still feel the racism in any kind, and I feel often sad, when you get a bad look because you have dark curly hair, or you are having darker skin, you are tall and big, small and thin…nothing can make the society happy enough to accept you. So this is the first step in our society, there are no role-models or guidances how to look or not to look! We should accept each other, as we are – the way she or he looks, thinks, feels and whom she or he loves.

Stay curious.
Peace xx